Psychiatric Services

Psychiatry (the Greek psyche, soul, and “IATREIA” or cure) is the branch of medicine devoted to the study of mental disorders in order to prevent, assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people with mental disorders and ensure the autonomy and the individual’s adaptation to the conditions of their existence..

As a tool used to serve humankind, psychiatric medicine uses knowledge gained through science and applies it to relieve mental suffering associated with mental health disorders. Psychiatry often adopts a medical model to address mental disorders, but considers biological and psychological factors as well as sociocultural and anthropological elements. Its objective is the study of mental illness, the biochemical and environmental effects on the dynamics of behavior and how they interact with the body to influence how people confront the world.
At Instituto Carbonell , you can find your psychiatrist in Palma de Mallorca, where Dr. Jose Carbonell and his team of psychiatrists and psychologists will advise the treatment that best fits your needs.


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